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Announcing… Partner Mapping

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Partner Mapping – a software solution that helps ISVs optimize their partner ecosystem.  Partner Mapping entails 1) Ecosystem Valuation, 2) Capacity Planning, 3) Gap Analysis, and 4) Solution Mapping.  The end result is an optimized partner portfolio and a prescriptive approach to managing their most productive partners.

Partner Mapping

Competegy is engaging Partner Mapping customers at this time, providing consulting services as a complement to the software tool.  Contact us to determine if Partner Mapping can help tune-up your partner strategy.

Ecosystem Valuation

Ecosystem Valuation entails appending revenue impact and loyalty assessment ratings to existing partner program data.  This lets you assess your current partner ecosystem value and provide the basis for modeling changes your partner program mix.  It also provides a foundation for capacity planning, informing where you should focus your partner recruiting efforts.

Capacity Planning

The objective of partner Capacity Planning is to determine how company-wide and product-specific growth expectations can be fulfilled through partners.  Capacity planning takes revenue targets and forecasts what additional partners (by geography and program tier) are required to support this growth.

Gap Analysis

Your company may not have the industry or technical expertise to develop a specific product capability or it might be IP-protected.  Speed to market, inability to recreate the functionality, and compelling revenue potential are motivators to recruit technology partners.  Gap Analysis identifies the technology partners needed to tap into these new revenue opportunities, leveraging the partner team’s unique insight into internal development roadmaps, functional gaps blocking customer sales, and technology partner capabilities.

Solution Mapping

Solution Mapping helps focus managed partner account management and co-marketing resources on those partners that can drive the best sales and strategic results.  The process entails identifying preferred go-to-market partners per geographic market based on revenue impact, partner loyalty, and program tier (Partner Performance Index).

Contact us to learn how Partner Mapping can optimize your partner ecosystem.

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