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  • Larry Gregory

Co-Selling with Microsoft Best Practices - Revised for 2021

It is amazing how many Microsoft organization, system, and program changes occur year over year while the overall rhythm of business stays the same. The 2021 edition of the Co-Selling with Microsoft Best Practices whitepaper summarizes the top changes for Microsoft FY21 and includes best practices for improving your Microsoft partnership. It is available in the Competegy Resources section.

Note: it doesn't cost anything to access the membership area.

The Co-Selling with Microsoft Best Practices outline is as follows:

Top FY21 Takeaways for Experienced Partners

Microsoft Partnering Best Practices for Newer Partners

1. Qualify for Microsoft Co-Sell Status

2. Promote your Capabilities to Microsoft

3. Drive Effective Co-Sell Engagement

4. Leverage Microsoft partner marketing resources

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