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Clients: Testimonials
Clients: Testimonials

Client References

“Larry Gregory (Competegy) provides a valuable Co-Sell Tune-Up service to our partners. His deep expertise in partnering with Microsoft and ability to translate partner solutions into Microsoft vernacular is unique. The Co-Sell Tune-Up is an efficient way for partners to improve their co-sell relationship with Microsoft.”

Jennifer McCrum, Global ISV PDM Director at Microsoft

“VMware partners deeply with Microsoft and needed to translate our host of co-sell solutions into Microsoft priorities and terminology. Larry Gregory (Competegy) was able to quickly synthesize our product messaging and deliver Microsoft-friendly collateral to support our Microsoft co-sell efforts.”

Vanessa Tarlton, Corporate Alliances at VMware

"Competegy makes the partner award process painless. While we have won numerous Microsoft partner awards over the years, we learned a lot from working with Competegy. Larry’s support helped refine our messaging and put forward compelling nominations. I’d recommend Larry for any similar content creation, collaborative facilitation, or Microsoft channel advisory work."

Chris Stegh, CTO and VP of Strategy at eGroup Enabling Technologies

"While we have deep experience partnering with Microsoft, we realized enormous value from “tuning-up” our co-sell messaging and collateral with Competegy. Larry was able to rapidly synthesize and align our solutions with Microsoft co-sell priorities, and provided insights to better leverage Microsoft partner resources."

Laura Broyhill, Microsoft Global Alliance Manager at NetApp

"We’ve had a lot of success with Microsoft in a short period of time. Larry brings deep expertise on Microsoft inner workings which was very valuable for positioning SAS in context of Microsoft priorities."

Reinoud Drenth,  Global Director Microsoft Alliance at SAS

"Our company has won several Microsoft Partner of the Year awards, but nevertheless we struggled to convert that prominence into engagement with Microsoft field sales or realize substantive revenue from the recognition. Competegy helped our team turn that around by enabling us to more productively leverage Microsoft as a partner.  Larry’s insights, facilitation skills and the connections he leveraged from his personal network were key to realizing breakthrough new opportunities and have resulted in the best Microsoft sales engagement we’ve experienced."

Mark Hepburn, VP of Worldwide Sales at ICONICS

"Open Systems is a managed Microsoft Gold partner and a Microsoft Security Solution Provider award winner. We engaged Competegy to develop a Sales Play for Microsoft co-sell campaigns. Working with Larry was a wonderful experience; he developed a high quality sales play that was well-received by Microsoft stakeholders."

Ouafae Hannaoui, Director, Global Field & Alliances Marketing at Open Systems

"Kyndryl’s partnership with Microsoft has triggered explosive growth over the past year. Larry Gregory (Competegy) was able to work across our various stakeholders to form a compelling narrative to present ourselves in the best way to Microsoft. I appreciate Larry’s ability to synthesize multiple perspectives to form a concise message that resonates with Microsoft teams."

Alice Boyce, Director, Global Alliance Marketing at Kyndryl

“The Microsoft Co-Sell Tune-Up Workshop from Competegy was a valuable exercise to further align with Microsoft priorities and position Rubrik for deeper co-sell collaboration. Larry's unique Microsoft partnering expertise and efficient workshop process is greatly appreciated.”

Peter Prinos, Microsoft Cloud Alliances Director at Rubrik

"Competegy provides a highly effective onboarding process for helping software companies ramp quickly on partnering with Microsoft. Larry Gregory (Competegy founder) is a master at quickly understanding ISV solutions and mapping them to Microsoft priorities and resources. I recommend ISVs needing a jump start in Microsoft co-sell to work with Competegy."

Stephen Pelletier, Executive Director Cloud Business Development at Cirrus Data Solutions

"Competegy/Larry helped us align our solutions with Microsoft priorities and trained our worldwide teams on how to leverage Microsoft for co-sell acceleration. In addition, Larry provided valuable insight for channel development. His expertise on the Microsoft ecosystem and depth of connections accelerated a number of our programs, initiatives and path to revenue.  From a sales leadership perspective, he was able to quickly guide us in where to apply our resources for the fastest return.  Larry is a great asset for companies looking to maximize the value from their Microsoft partnership."

James Clardy, Co-Founder at NetFoundry

"Larry brings a lot of Microsoft partnering knowledge to the table. He does a great job simplifying the complexities of the ecosystem and synthesizing our co-sell efforts in a way that resonates with Microsoft."

Keith Carvalho, Vice President of Alliances at Vitalyst

"Larry Gregory (Competegy) made the co-sell journey a lot easier for us at Onyx. While we are a successful Microsoft co-sell partner, Larry refined our co-sell collateral, guided us on alliance points to emphasize, and most importantly informed us on how to best collaborate with Microsoft. Larry’s value-add was Amazing!!"

Susheel Ladwa, Chief Executive at Onyx

"Larry (Competegy) provides a valuable service, mapping partner solutions to Microsoft priorities and taxonomy. He was able to quickly parse our solutions into co-sell collateral we can use with Microsoft sales teams."

Tom Arneman, Head of Life Science Solutions and Partnerships at EPAM

"BDO Digital has deep expertise in delivering Microsoft solutions globally.  Competegy added significant value to our team by translating our work into terms that resonate better with Microsoft stakeholders. I’d recommend Competegy to other Microsoft partners seeking to maximize their alignment with Microsoft."

Ric Opal, Principal and National GTM and Strategic Partnerships Leader at BDO Digital

"Larry combines valuable Microsoft partnering insights with a collaborative project management approach. His expertise has helped Alithya Group companies win numerous Microsoft partner awards."

Sonia Burnette, Senior Director of Marketing, Microsoft Practice at Alithya

"Larry provides great insights for optimizing messaging and alignment with Microsoft priorities. Engaging Competegy was a great use of time."

Martin Boyd, VP of Product Marketing at Profisee

"Larry was able to translate our value proposition into Microsoft priorities very quickly. His ability to diagnose a partner relationship, optimize messaging, and generate supporting alliance collateral is impressive."

Gavin Chen, Strategic Alliances Specialist at ZS

"Competegy (Larry) quickly assessed our product capabilities, customer messaging, and Microsoft relevance to produce valuable co-sell collateral and sales training in support of our Microsoft partnership. It was incredibly efficient and useful. I’d recommend Larry’s work for other partners looking to accelerate their Microsoft partnership."

Meghan Manchon, Director of Marketing at

"Competegy provides a valuable service to optimize partner alignment with Microsoft. Larry was able to quickly translate our business in Microsoft terms and generate collateral we can use with Microsoft sellers and customers. I recommend Larry’s work to other partners seeking to tune-up their Microsoft alliance."

Alastair Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Better

"Micro Focus is a top 10 software company with a global relationship with Microsoft. Larry (Competegy) helped improve our alliance messaging and engagement: his deep knowledge of all things Microsoft is invaluable. Competegy is a great resource for managed partners seeking to optimize their alliance with Microsoft."

Mike Oldham, Director of Cloud Service Provider Partnerships at Micro Focus

"Competegy delivered great value in a short period of time for AirGate. Larry was able to understand the essence of our business and align us with Microsoft priorities. He provides a wealth of knowledge on partnering with Microsoft."

Nicole Mumford, CEO at AirGate

"Larry Gregory (Competegy) helped us at Tata Communications think through our Microsoft cloud strategy. His knowledge of Microsoft programs and motivations is impressive. He was a great help for us thinking through our CSP strategy and I’d recommend him to other companies charting their cloud strategy and seeking better alignment with Microsoft."

Gaurav Anand, VP at Tata Communications

"​Competegy has been extremely valuable in simplifying Vectra’s “sell-with” strategy and messaging as we move higher in the Microsoft co-sell partnership. Larry expertise allows us to focus on what moves the needle within the Microsoft."

Scott Mellegaard, Sr Partner Manager at Vectra

"Enabling our platform on Azure has created significant value to our organization and built a strong relationship as a Microsoft managed ISV partner. Larry Gregory’s experience is invaluable for Managed ISVs looking to get the most out of their Microsoft relationship. His involvement led to strategic relationships with Microsoft and drastically improved our Microsoft go-to-market readiness."

Trent Norris, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DNAnexus


"Competegy provides an efficient consulting service to align partners with Microsoft. We learned a lot about partnering with Microsoft in a short period of time and generated valuable collateral we can use with Microsoft sales teams."

Evan Addesso, Digital Health Sales Director at Efferent

"As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we understand the importance of leveraging the relationship with Microsoft, and working with Competegy helped us to escalate it. Larry offered vision, strategy, action steps, all with encouragement and keeping the team involved to the next steps."

Mauricio Duran, CEO at Definity First

"Larry Gregory/Competegy did an amazing job working with our subject matter experts to develop a compelling narrative of our Microsoft alignment and impact. I’d recommend Larry for other Microsoft managed ISVs seeking partner marketing support."

Jan Andersen, Principal Global Alliance Marketing Manager at Citrix

"PROS has had good success working with Larry over the years. He does a great job at translating our unique customer value into Microsoft priorities. I’d recommend Competegy to other ISVs seeking to maximize their Microsoft alignment and co-sell potential."

Luke Roth, Manager, Partner Marketing at PROS

"While we are experienced delivering Azure solutions, Larry Gregory (Competegy) opened our eyes to how we could better partner with Microsoft from an alliance perspective. He took a thorough, diagnostic approach to understanding our partnership; we learned quite a bit along the way."

Shalene Careau, Cloud Solutions Partner Manager at Trace3

"Larry Gregory from Competegy is an absolute expert on partnering with Microsoft. Although we had multiple Microsoft Gold competencies, TrnDigital needed help navigating the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem and engaging Microsoft’s Co-Sell Ready program. In just 1 month Larry educated us (on Microsoft priorities, organization, systems, and resources), helped frame our company in the best light for Microsoft, and got us into the Microsoft co-sell onboarding process. I’d recommend Competegy for other Microsoft partners looking to maximize the value of their Microsoft alliance."

Dimitri Ayrapetov, Digital Partner at TrnDigital

"Larry Gregory (from Competegy) is great at synthesizing partner value, and generating messaging that resonate with Microsoft priorities. I’d recommend him to partners seeking guidance on how to align or optimize their Microsoft alliance."

Denise Oakland, Strategic Alliances Director at Accela

"While OZ maintains numerous Microsoft Gold Competencies, we didn’t have managed partner coverage from Microsoft. Larry (Competegy) helped us quickly align with Microsoft priorities, positioned us well for Microsoft co-sell consideration, and connected us to key stakeholders. Larry’s deep expertise in partnering with Microsoft was essential for our Microsoft partnership."

Doug Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer at OZ Digital Consulting

"Larry’s deep Microsoft experience and professional writing skills was essential for us to position our Microsoft partnership in the best possible light."

Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio

"Larry prioritized and authored partner win wires for us at Icertis. His in-depth knowledge of Microsoft resources and motivations combined with his superb writing skills make him a great extension of the marketing team. I’d recommend his work to other partners looking to enhance their partner marketing."

Heather Kenyon-Pew, Partner Marketing Manager at Icertis

"It was a pleasure working with Larry in context of Microsoft partner awards. His experience working with Microsoft shines through in how he efficiently translated our company and solutions into a compelling narrative for Microsoft."

Melanie Azagury, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at AudioCodes

"Larry Gregory/Competegy is an excellent writer and project manager. He was able to quickly generate win wires in support of our Microsoft alliance and is a superb marketing resource for partners seeking to communicate their success in 'Microsoft’s voice'.  Larry knows the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem better than most and in addition to win wires, he can help you with many other aspects of your Microsoft business."

Michael Hines, Director of Alliances at GEP

"Larry helped us quickly understand how to best align with Microsoft, identify the right stakeholders in Microsoft partner and industry teams, and engage them effectively. I recommend Competegy to other companies seeking to maximize their alignment with Microsoft."

Amir Hudda, CEO of Gusto

"Competegy enabled us to maximize the value of our Microsoft partnership.  Larry Gregory helped us integrate with Microsoft marketing campaigns, engage Microsoft field sales teams, and recruit Microsoft partners.  The results included successful Microsoft product launch integration, joint marketing events, field sales collaboration, and partner recruiting (at Microsoft WPC).  I recommend Competegy to other companies looking to optimize their Microsoft sales & marketing partnership or accelerate their partner/channel development strategy."

Peter Plamondon, Director, Strategic Partner Ecosystems at SanDisk

"Larry provides unique expertise given his prior history at Microsoft and experience working across Microsoft partners. He brought clarity to our Microsoft messaging, helping us craft a partner award nomination that our Microsoft Partner Manager called ‘a work of art’. I’d recommend Larry to other Microsoft partners looking to maximize their alignment with Microsoft."

Richard Turner, Program and Alliances Marketing at Barracuda

"As a managed partner, we seek to make the most of our partnership with Microsoft.  Larry Gregory provided coaching and advice, improving our effectiveness with Microsoft marketing and partner alliance teams. He also opened doors to Microsoft field sellers, accelerating our sales pipeline. Competegy is a great option for Microsoft cloud partners looking to translate their Microsoft partnering relationship into meaningful sales and marketing activity."

Dean Sappey, CEO at DocsCorp


"In a very short period of time, Larry Gregory/Competegy enabled us to drastically improve our alignment with Microsoft as a partner.  This included securing marketing funds, admittance into valuable go-to-market programs, and facilitating introductions to Microsoft sales teams.  Larry brings an incredible array of connections and Microsoft domain knowledge that even a Gold ISV partner like us found highly valuable. Larry has the magic touch and knowledge when it comes to working with & leveraging Microsoft, and I absolutely recommend him to help grow any Microsoft partner’s business!"

Gautham Pandiyan, VP of Sales & Marketing at Mi-Co

"Competegy provides a valuable service, advising partners how best to align with Microsoft. We've been able to develop a strong case for the Microsoft Partner of the Year award in a short period of time. Larry's help in framing our value-add back to Microsoft succinctly in context of their priorities was key."

Sesh Narasimhan, VP of Strategic Alliances at Abnormal Security

"Competegy (Larry Gregory) helped us with Microsoft win wires and our partner of the year award nominations. Larry did a great job managing the process and representing our success in Microsoft terms. His combination of deep Microsoft partnering expertise and independent perspective on our business was invaluable."

Leigh Chesley, Senior Director, Partner & Alliance Marketing at ClickDimensions

"Larry provided valuable coaching in highlighting our solutions and interest in partnering with Microsoft."

Shareen Hashmani, VP of Alliances at Binary Stream


"Larry helped us quickly pull together a compelling Microsoft Partner of the Year award. His knowledge of Microsoft priorities and messaging is unique: I’d recommend him to other partners seeking to maximize their Microsoft alliance."

Greg Headley, VP of Strategic Alliances at SkySync

"Competegy was an invaluable part of our Microsoft Partner of the Year award submission. Larry delivered important insight on how to best draft our partner of the year nomination and create compelling messages that would resonate with Microsoft."

Paul Vasquez, Senior Director or Strategic Alliances at Epiq

"Competegy provides a valuable service to maximize the Microsoft Inspire conference. Larry Gregory helps partners such as ImageTag understand Microsoft motivations and source meetings with appropriate partners. I’d recommend his work to others seeking to get the most out of the Microsoft Inspire event."

Jon Michaels, General Manager at ImageTag 

"Larry Gregory (Competegy) helped us better understand our potential within Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, particularly in context of Microsoft’s ISV co-sell resources. He also provides a useful matchmaking service to secure valuable meetings at the Microsoft Inspire conference."

Ronen Vengosh, VP of Business Development at Egnyte

"After launching Microsoft Azure support, nVoq needed to optimize our Microsoft alignment. Larry Gregory (Competegy) quickly helped us understand where we fit in the Microsoft world and align us with appropriate stakeholders. His efforts uncovered funding that more than offset his consulting fees and improved our ability to engage Microsoft and the Microsoft partner ecosystem."

Debbi Gillotti, Chief Marketing Officer at nVoq

"Hanu Software is a managed Microsoft partner, offering Azure consulting, marketplace, and managed solutions. Larry Gregory helped us to quickly synthesize our Microsoft partnership messaging in a way that proved most valuable for us as well as Microsoft. As someone fairly new to the Microsoft world, I highly recommend Competegy to others looking to understand how to maximize their impact as well as navigate through Microsoft."

Emily Murphy, Director of Marketing and Communications at Hanu Software

"As a managed partner with extensive sales and marketing integration with Microsoft, we’re continually looking for ways to accelerate and expand our partnership.  Larry provided exactly this expert advice to help us better position and align ourselves with Microsoft.  I’d highly recommend Competegy to other partners seeking to make the most of their Microsoft partnering relationship."

Jess Richter, VP of Strategic Alliances at Lieberman Software

"Larry Gregory was instrumental in helping us construct our partner strategy.  His experience running strategic alliances, partner marketing, and cloud programs were invaluable in forming our approach and engaging our leadership teams."

Vasu Desikachary, Sr. Director Strategic Alliances at Sage Software

"As a successful BizSpark startup, I appreciate the need to leverage Microsoft technology and programs to efficiently scale our business.   Larry was able to maximize our alignment with Microsoft teams, including consideration for Managed ISV status and securing marketing funds & support.  In addition, he ran campaigns that reached thousands of prospects for our channel management offering.  I’d recommend Competegy to other startups interested in leveraging Microsoft as a partner."

Jason Jacob, CEO at Channeltivity

"Larry Gregory/Competegy has been an invaluable advisor to Cincom's channel development efforts. He brings extensive knowledge of channel operations and programs as well as a deep understanding of how to leverage Microsoft. I'd recommend Competegy services to other companies looking to accelerate their channel initiatives and achieve Co-Sell Ready status with Microsoft."

Susan Fine, Director of North America Sales and Channels at Cincom

"Competegy helped us rapidly evolve our partner strategy by shaping our partner messaging, competitive partner ecosystem analysis, and recruiting criteria.  Larry is an expert at channel development, particularly in context of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. I’d recommend him to other ISVs seeking to accelerate their channel development efforts."

Warwick Leitch, COO at Calumo

"I worked directly with Larry Gregory/Competegy to develop our partner strategy. He brought a proven channel development process and valuable partnering perspective to BA Insight.  His combination of high-level strategy and hand-on recruiting was just what we needed to identify new channel partners.  I’d recommend Competegy to other software companies looking to accelerate their channel strategy."

Massood Zarrabian, CEO at BA Insight

"Competegy helped us identify channel partners for the US market.  This entailed refining our messaging, researching viable partners, and leading the recruiting  effort.  I would recommend Competegy to other software companies looking to expand their partner channels in the US."

Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO at XMPro

"Prysm provides software and hardware solutions that enable global teams to collaborate using digital walls and enterprise mobile software. Competegy advised our channel development and Microsoft alliance efforts, accelerating our Microsoft partner ecosystem engagement.  Larry Gregory’s deep knowledge of partnering with Microsoft and its channel is unique.  I recommend Competegy to other companies looking to refine their channel strategy and efficiently engage Microsoft."

Suchitra Bose, Senior Director at Prysm Inc.

"Larry Gregory helped us formulate our channel strategy as well as research, engage, and develop relationships with prospective partners as CAMMS expanded its worldwide presence into the US.  I’d recommend Larry’s channel development work to other firms looking to develop channel partners."

Joe Collins, CEO at CAMMS

"As a Gold Certified Managed partner, we understand the importance of leveraging and adding value to Microsoft.  Competegy brought valuable insight to our partner marketing efforts, aligning SIOS product messaging with Microsoft’s interests.  Larry’s strategic perspective and critical thinking helped us articulate crisp, clear messaging which improved our ability to partner with Microsoft."

Celia Cattani, VP of Americas Sales at SIOS Technology Corp

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