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  • Larry Gregory

10 Tips for Partnering with Microsoft

Microsoft partners invest valuable time and money sustaining their Microsoft relationship. Partners that understand how to efficiently access Microsoft sales, marketing, and technical resources can accelerate business growth. Use the following whitepaper (revised for Microsoft’s FY17) to make the most of your Microsoft partnership. It has been revised to include current Microsoft priorities, incentives, campaigns, and co-sell criteria.

Partnering with Microsoft

In summary:

  1. Understand Your Partner Potential

  2. Determine Scorecard-Driven Motivations

  3. Decode the Organizational Structure

  4. Refine Your Message

  5. Target the Relevant Roles

  6. Engage in Context of Customer Opportunities

  7. Actively Manage the Marketing to Sales Process

  8. Leverage Microsoft Co-Marketing Resources

  9. Publish to Microsoft Marketplaces

  10. Monitor for Competitive Mind Share

A detailed whitepaper on this subject is available in the Resources area.

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