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  • Larry Gregory

MGX – Microsoft Global Exchange

I had the opportunity to represent a partner at MGX a few weeks ago. MGX is Microsoft’s annual sales and management meeting, where the new fiscal year priorities are communicated to the people on the front lines. Executives rally the troops around a common vision, product groups share their road maps, and top performers are recognized.


I attended MGX as a Microsoft employee for many years (1992-2011) and as a partner twice. Partners are in the path of traffic but aren’t allowed into sessions (unless you score a supporting role as a speaker).

MGX isn’t meant to have a large partner presence (is only offered to managed partners). Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference is always the preceding week and is the better venue for partner planning meetings.

My advice to those considering MGX participation in the future is bring lots of giveaways. You will be competing with product groups that come fully stocked. Also, invest in the MGX badge scanner if building up your Microsoft contact database is a priority.

Hopefully Microsoft will implement a passport-like program in the future to encourage partner engagement and lead sharing by field sellers. Microsoft implemented an excellent system for this at Public Sector ISU (Industry Solutions University) last year.

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