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  • Larry Gregory

Partnering for Speed: Maximizing Cloud Application Performance

Most organizations partner for scale: partners enable broader market coverage and greater sales capacity.  I’ve been working with a company that partners for speed.  They enable other companies to deliver faster cloud application performance.

Enterprise cloud applications are often slow, but it isn’t the cloud platform vendor or the application developer’s fault in many cases.  We’ve enjoyed riding the coattails of Moore’s law for CPU price/performance improvements and Kryder’s law for storage price/density improvements over the past couple decades – there isn’t a lack of processing power or storage capacity “in the cloud”.  However, while network performance has improved it has been at a slower rate, and TCP has inherent challenges that constrain network throughput.

Cloud solution providers employ various techniques to make cloud applications perform at their best including re-architecting for mobile (by limiting access to small data sets) and predictive caching.  Circadence partners with systems integrator and technology partners to enable inherently faster cloud applications, particularly for mobile scenarios where network latency is high.  They accomplish this by maximizing network throughput through protocol optimization.

Network Efficiency = Speed

Why cloud application performance matters

In the enterprise, network acceleration can make the difference in user acceptance (or rejection) of new systems: users will avoid slow applications or those that are prone to timeouts and failure.  Similarly, consumers have little tolerance for slow application performance and often have very low switching barriers, easily finding alternatives.

I’ve found partners care most about how performance can be a differentiator versus their competitors.  Consultants and ISVs that anticipate and address cloud application performance early are more likely to win the business.

How does it work?

Circadence provides a patented protocol optimization technology that intercepts TCP requests and replaces it with their own streaming protocol.  The result is 10 times greater throughput without impacting the underlying content or the application behavior.  I routinely see 24 times performance improvement in my own testing against Azure and Amazon datacenters.

This is particularly powerful over long distance links (e.g., international data centers) and mobile networks (e.g., 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Satellite connections).  This is where network latency is the greatest and protocol optimization has its greatest effect.

Partnering for Speed

As a partner strategy principle, partnering for scale is still the rule.  However, I encourage you to consider what network acceleration could do for your solution or service offering.  Would 10,000% faster cloud application performance improve user acceptance and customer/client satisfaction?

Want to check it out for yourself?  You can request a trial license from or contact me for more info.

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