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Top 10 ISV Strategy Articles

As we start the New Year, I thought I’d highlight the top 10 ISV Strategy Blog articles from 2013.  Here they are, organized by Alliance Management, Partner Strategy, Partnering with Microsoft, and Cloud Computing.

Top 10 ISV Strategy Articles

Alliance Management – I spend most of my time helping companies develop and get the most out of their partner alliances.  These articles describe how to plan, assess, prioritize, and recruit key partners.1. Strategic Alliances Assessment2. Capacity Planning3. Go-To-Market Solution Maps4. Recruiting Technology Partners

Partner Strategy – In 2013, I built a software tool to supplement my Partner Strategy consulting work.  This tool (Partner Mapping) provides a framework for valuing a company’s partner ecosystem, plan for new partner recruiting needs, and prioritize managed partners.  It also triggered the 2013 Tech Company to Watch recognition by the Connecticut Technology Council.5. Announcing… Partner Mapping6. Partner Mapping Insights

Partnering with Microsoft – Having spent so many years leading Microsoft partner teams as well as managing Microsoft alliances on behalf of partners, I’ve developed a solid understanding of how to efficiently engage Microsoft sales and marketing resources.  Highlights for this year included a productive visit to the Redmond campus and attending the Worldwide Partner Conference. 7. Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Key Themes8. 10 Tips to Winning a Microsoft Partner Award

Cloud Computing – My top LinkedIn endorsement is for Cloud Computing (which is interesting since I have never held a technical cloud role).  However, I have managed numerous people and projects for driving cloud partner adoption, so that expertise has bubbled to the top in a sort of Wisdom of Crowds effect. 9.  Cloud Operational Cost Factors10. Cloud Platform Building Blocks

It has been a personally and professionally rewarding year.  I hope your 2014 is as well!

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