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What’s New for Microsoft 2019 Partner of the Year Awards

Winning a Microsoft Partner Award can help attract new customer prospects, add credibility to existing sales efforts, trigger new partnerships within the Microsoft ecosystem, and accelerate Microsoft Co-Sell collaboration.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year award submission tool is now available. The deadline for all entries is April 11, 2019.

The process of submitting nominations is similar as past years (providing an essay that addresses a series of questions). As usual, award categories have seen some additions and eliminations. New awards categories include:

  1. Business Applications

  2. Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  3. PowerApps

  4. Industry

  5. Financial Services

  6. Retail

  7. Automotive

  8. Intelligent Cloud

  9. Mixed Reality

  10. Other

  11. Alliance Global ISV

  12. Diversity and Inclusion

Award categories eliminated this year include:

  1. Business Applications Platform

  2. Open Source Data & AI

  3. Partner Seller Excellence

Last year a couple awards were not eligible for partner nomination, but Microsoft still recognized a winner. It is good to see the Global ISV award back up for open nomination.

Co-Sell Ready ISVs are specifically eligible for all of the award categories except the following:

  1. Intelligent Cloud: Application Innovation, Azure Influencer, OSS on Azure

  2. Modern Workplace: Intelligent Communications, Modern Desktop, Project and Portfolio Management, Security and Compliance

Nominations are due April 11, award winners are notified in early June, and Microsoft recognizes the winning partners at the annual Inspire partner conference.

Over 2,600 nominations were received from 115 countries last year, so competition is stiff. Competegy clients have won 10 Microsoft Partner of the Year awards (including 3 of the current winners). If you want to improve your chances of winning an award this year, request a meeting to determine your potential.

The full list of 2019 Microsoft Partner of the Year award categories is as follows:

  1. Business Applications

  2. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

  3. Dynamics 365 for Field Service

  4. Dynamics Finance and Operations

  5. Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  6. Dynamics 365 for Sales

  7. Dynamics 365 for Talent

  8. Power BI

  9. PowerApps

  10. Industry Awards

  11. Automotive

  12. Education

  13. Financial Services

  14. Government

  15. Health

  16. Manufacturing & Resources

  17. Media & Communications

  18. Microsoft CityNext

  19. Retail

  20. Intelligent Cloud Awards

  21. AI and Machine Learning

  22. Application Innovation

  23. Azure Influencer

  24. Data Analytics

  25. Data Estate Modernization

  26. Datacenter Migration

  27. DevOps

  28. Internet of Things

  29. Mixed Reality

  30. OSS on Azure

  31. SAP on Azure

  32. Modern Workplace Awards

  33. Intelligent Communications

  34. Modern Desktop

  35. Modern Workplace Transformation

  36. Project and Portfolio Management

  37. Security and Compliance

  38. Teamwork

  39. Other Awards

  40. Alliance Global ISV

  41. Diversity and Inclusion

  42. Customer Experience

  43. Indirect Provider

  44. Learning

  45. Partner for Social Impact

  46. Country Partner of the Year Awards

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