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What's New for Microsoft 2024 Partner Awards

Microsoft recognizes top performing partners through their annual Partner of the Year program. Winning such Microsoft partner recognition validates your expertise, provides credibility to customers, and adds prestige to your organization. In addition, it opens doors for more Microsoft marketing opportunities and co-sell support.

This year, nominations are due April 3, 2024 and can be  submitted using the award tool starting February 7.

Submitting a nomination entails authoring a compelling 8,000-character essay; it is essential to fulfill the requirements outlined in the award guidelines and write your story from a Microsoft (not customer) perspective. The key to success is to portray how you enable customer success using Microsoft technologies.


Microsoft changes the award categories and requirements every year, providing insight into what Microsoft finds most valuable in their partners. For 2024, Microsoft has removed a significant number of award categories:


  • Cloud Native App Development (building Azure apps)

  • Internet of Things (a significant Microsoft priority a couple years ago)

  • Mixed Reality (HoloLens)

  • Rising Azure Technology (for unmanaged ISVs driving Azure consumption)

Business Applications

  • Business Intelligence (is still part of the Azure Analytics award)

Modern Work

  • Modern Workplace for SMB (M365 for SMB)

  • Device Partner Distributor/Reseller (Device is still an award category)

  • Surface Hub Reseller (a fairly narrow partner audience)

  • FastTrack Ready (a popular SI program)

Business Excellence

  • Solution Assessments (another popular SI program)

  • Operational Excellence (partner business operations)

  • Customer Experience (customer satisfaction is baked into all awards)

  • MVP Industry Solutions GSI/Advisory (a new category last year)


Microsoft has added the following new award categories for 2024:

  • AI Innovation (for partners using Generative AI)

  • Copilot (across Microsoft cloud products)

  • Secure Productivity (SI partners driving M365 solutions)

  • Identity (using the Entra product line)

  • Gaming (a new industry category)

  • Communication & Hybrid Cloud Provider (for GSIs)

  • ISV Innovation (for ISVs using Azure AI)

  • Scale Solutions (for GSIs that include a midmarket focus)

  • SMC-SI Empowering Customer Innovation (for SIs delivering midmarket AI solutions)


They adjusted 9 other award categories. Many awards now cite a preference toward solutions using Microsoft Azure AI and Copilot technologies.


Last year Microsoft received more than 4,200 partner award nominations so if you plan to pursue an award, be sure you qualify using the award criteria and have supporting customer success stories.


Competegy specializes in Microsoft partnership (winning more than 20 Microsoft partner awards for clients last year). Contact us if you need award coaching or authoring support.

Following is the full list of 56 Microsoft Partner Award categories for 2024:


Azure Awards

  • Building with AI

  • Analytics

  • Migration to Azure

  • Modernizing Applications

  • OSS on Azure

  • SAP RISE on Microsoft Cloud

Modern Work Awards

  • Apps & Solutions for Microsoft Teams

  • Converged Communications

  • Employee Experience

  • Modern Workplace for Frontline Workers

  • Project and Portfolio Management

  • Surface Reseller Award

  • Secure Productivity (NEW)

Security Awards

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • Modern Endpoint Management

  • Identity (NEW)

Business Applications Awards

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Dynamics 365 Finance

  • Dynamics 365 Service

  • Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Insights

  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

  • Low Code Application Development

  • Intelligent Automation

Industry Awards

  • Defense & Intelligence

  • Education

  • Energy and Resources

  • Financial Services

  • Government

  • Nonprofit

  • Retail & Consumer Goods

  • Manufacturing

  • Media and Telco

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Mobility

  • Gaming (NEW)

Business Transformation Awards

  • Commercial Marketplace

  • AI Innovation (NEW)

  • Copilot (NEW)

Social Impact Awards

  • Sustainability Changemaker

  • Community Response

  • Inclusion Changemaker

Partner Innovation Awards

  • Global Advisory

  • Global System Integrator (GSI)

  • GSI Growth Champion

  • Microsoft for Startups

  • Device

  • Training Services

  • Global ISV

  • Distributor (NEW)

  • Communication & Hybrid Cloud Provider (NEW)

  • ISV Innovation (NEW)

  • Scale Solutions (NEW)

  • SMC-SI Empowering Customer Innovation (NEW)

Country/Region Partner of the Year

Learn more about the award nomination process and criteria at 



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